darkness falls in my mind
nobody calls, nor is kind
we’re stuck in the past and the past is the way
the future is fake, throw it all away

stories unite and internet kills
hold on to drugs that deceive our wills

take only what converts to life and peace
but real life of nothing, the only release

don’t build, destroy, make it all go away
we lied to our needs, they are not to stay
we rose high, many fell, but we had wings of wax
all is burnt, melting down, this planet our ex
some stay on, many die, ground zero will appear
we lost God and our voice, so no one is left here

darkness crawls in my soul, shatters hope, no way out
darkness surrounds me, everywhere, no way out
darkness all around us, throw your shades all away
see the abyss of death, how it washes us away.

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