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Ich liege, liege, liege, lag

und liege, läge weiter

heiter tanzen geht ohnehin nicht

ohne dem Begleiter


Denken, suchen, fluchen, sehen

renken in Gedanken

ranken, wanken, niemals wankel

mutig, ohne Zanken


Vergaß, vergas, vergessen, lassen

niemals ohne Plan

im Suchen scheinbar schnell gefunden

ein milder, alter Wahn


Angst um Angst, um Angst, um Leben

zu leben, doch niemal

suchen, halten, sehnen, stehen, stellen

doch banal


Der eine Weg, das eine Ziel, der eine Ort


und jetzt ist hier, und hier ist jetzt

stets stetig auserkoren


Gedankenschweife fliegen höher

wallend, klar und hehr

doch hehre Heere im Salon

sie ziehen doch nicht mehr.


The pain is Corona and nothing else

you suffer like hell but nothing dwells

there ain*t a way out, what is lost is lost

we may have hope, but our lives are crossed


Come back, come back, it will never be

some day we’ll build up, but it’s not to see

make peace with the pain, it ain’t so big

take what we have got, and take off the whig


Don’t torture yourself for what could have been

it is not, it’s gone, forever not seen

our life is hurt, we are small and weak

while people think they are loud and speak


All movements, ideology, just compensation

an attempt to feel powerful in this situation

progression, in mind, but in fact we are weak

God sent us a message, we should listen, not speak


We are small, we are lost and nature hit back

it is what it is, we just see the lack

we who think we are bigger than God

beaten by a small thing by a lot.


tired, dead, done, broke

fucked, empty, high, choke

nothing goes with the wind

no one and everyone sinned


high, hot, heated, bad

shouting, evil, inside, sad

gone away, and hit me low

stuck inside, no will to grow


sad, cold, down, depressed

i need a break, a time to rest

i’m resting now, we hurt our soul

living in peace was the goal


no need to control, no need to fear

it is what it is, and it is here


still, the pain of loss of life

pressing us down, floating the hive

alone now, ever, all, everyone

fucked up, by God, it is the Sun.

hit & shout

Safe at home, well to be, all I can, I found she

there’s a thing that bugs hard without rain I could part


thing’s nothing, people snow, a charade, pervert show

shocked behind, not alone, stay yourself, know your throne


people weak, evil losers, fucked up madmen in air

flying on burnt feathers, which have never been there

evil voices, bad names, flowers stuck in a hole

without rain would be fine, happy clappy as whole


sun is darkened by clouds, rain spits dirt in the air

no escapes without capes, will no longer be there

things to do and to walk, but my weak feet are stuck

flying not, and cold air, and I dont give a fuck


where to do, what to go, why to run without legs

little things, written down, and no matter who begs

nothingness, do or don’t, safe in here, no way out

voices stuck, pain above, just want to hit and shout.


Im Schlamm erstickend, erstarrt vor der Not

im Schatten vertrocknet, die Seele ist tot

heiß, heißer, erhitzt, heiße Luft überall

ein Nebel aus Schwurbel, fataler Rauchschwall


Sie sitzen im sinkenden Boot, alle beide

gen Süden, gen Norden, das selbe Geleide

sie rudern und pudern und roden mit Hass

und dünken sich edel und recht wie nur was


Sie hassen und neiden und weiden die Not

vor Missgunst und Tragik sind sie bereits tot

Moral und Ehre, die heilige Pflicht

denn jeder steht vor dem jüngsten Gericht


Kopf her oder ab, totalitärer Tod

behufte Pferde galoppieren, auch ohne Not.


searching for goals and searching for light

asking for questions but nothing is right

searching for hold on and looking for hope

giving up partially, giving up dope


looking is nothing coz it is alright

basic think feeling, there is no fight

down by the world and up into shit

no one escapes, a half year of it


nothing to say or to do anymore

people got crazy, i try to ignore

i try to stay clean, but why, but why?

sanity insane if everyone cry


insane coz sane to the world that is off

nothing to aim for, there is no love

looking for ways and looking for goals

standing up strong in a sea of lost souls


same time you can get out and off

do what he wants, live with full love

leave the world for good and go out

what is the something? time to be proud

Create what you want and there is no hold

it’s bad but it’s but, nothing is sold

see skies where is nothing, build houses in mud

free to create now, everything that you got

model role

God said go and I went and I loved the freeway

It is all as it is, learning by every day

Sometimes fall down, normal, much, loud and peaceful rest

I look inside and listen, to do what is the best.


Sounds of four high dimensions, no madness, only truth

Going inside is building, getting back to the root

She is always, shouts ever, she hates everyone, too

She sits in my sky flying, even, now, always true.


What is now? What is wrong? Nothing, but I don’t feel

I went further, all right so, but the trick gave a thrill

Feelings lost on the path, afraid; guilt but no risk

Everything is all safe now, it is running a disc.


Collect feelings like pieces of a puzzle that’s mixed

put them back into order until everything’s fixed:


Shouting, crying, so bad, bad, is some shit all trough

She was him, devil further, everything runs at you

You spit, shout, fall away, crawl outside, it is bad

But I go in the river, floating it, I am fed.

eating roots

Quiet, quite calm, found some home

Nothing, no sting, no wing

Accept, be, love, and me

The class is clear, the next test without rest

But in time: truth is rhyme.


Be, no war, calmed down and star

No thornes, was real but in space

She was wrong, thin face.


Questions appear and leave

Rolling down my sleeves

Fear of sickness, here

I guess a mess, a way of mind’s chess

Press less, see, lie and be

By nothing but roots it is free.