the ship has sunk
the shit still dances
nobody lives, nowhere everywhere
our time is lost, the life is gone
don’t believe what you see
or you’ll be done

he leaned to the right
but got weak from exhaustion
fell into a pit of sweet salt and lies
got out and the rests still sticks onto his shoes
but they walk, and by walking
brush off all the dirt

dumb puppets full of shit dance and sing on the stage
calling themselves leaders but deceive your mind
paradise is lost, have to travel to moon’s garden

friends fall of cliffs, drown in their own shit
smile while they are dying
jump down against hills
too weak to let go, too weak to survive
too weak to see
their own deadly lies

the devil has beaten the whole human soul
not nature, but nurture, natural selection
one loses his life and survives and lives on
one stays at the party and dies and is gone

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