Killers, thrillers, liars, fucks
dumb and useless, it’s you who sucks
die and I kill you, asshole shit
I hate you, hell you, you fucked up dumb bit
you fly in circles, high and dumb
you dont’d see that you’ve lost every crumb
you’re lost and dead, you’ll die in hell
even though you don’t see your own spell
you’re killing people, liars, fuckers, holes
you’ve lost your minds and you’ve lost your souls
you’ve lost your heart but still feel rich
but you ain’t nothing but a filthy bitch

you’re weak like Hitler, you’r blind like sheep
you cannot escape anymore, in too deep
you wear old feathers that rot like shit
people are what they wear, now we can all see it

I hate you, I hate you, you need to be killed
assassinated quickly, checked and billed
you sold your soul for weakness of mind
you’re nothing else but forever blind.

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