The pain is Corona and nothing else

you suffer like hell but nothing dwells

there ain*t a way out, what is lost is lost

we may have hope, but our lives are crossed


Come back, come back, it will never be

some day we’ll build up, but it’s not to see

make peace with the pain, it ain’t so big

take what we have got, and take off the whig


Don’t torture yourself for what could have been

it is not, it’s gone, forever not seen

our life is hurt, we are small and weak

while people think they are loud and speak


All movements, ideology, just compensation

an attempt to feel powerful in this situation

progression, in mind, but in fact we are weak

God sent us a message, we should listen, not speak


We are small, we are lost and nature hit back

it is what it is, we just see the lack

we who think we are bigger than God

beaten by a small thing by a lot.

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