hit & shout

Safe at home, well to be, all I can, I found she

there’s a thing that bugs hard without rain I could part


thing’s nothing, people snow, a charade, pervert show

shocked behind, not alone, stay yourself, know your throne


people weak, evil losers, fucked up madmen in air

flying on burnt feathers, which have never been there

evil voices, bad names, flowers stuck in a hole

without rain would be fine, happy clappy as whole


sun is darkened by clouds, rain spits dirt in the air

no escapes without capes, will no longer be there

things to do and to walk, but my weak feet are stuck

flying not, and cold air, and I dont give a fuck


where to do, what to go, why to run without legs

little things, written down, and no matter who begs

nothingness, do or don’t, safe in here, no way out

voices stuck, pain above, just want to hit and shout.

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